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Are you feeling sluggish and stressed?

Here’s some tips to get you started on the journey to a healthy lifestyle:

1. Enjoy a glass of water first thing in the morning.

Mornings are always rushed so make time to drink a big glass of water. We lose a lot of oxygen through the night and to rejuvenate our cells, we need to supply them with water and oxygen. Drink water throughout the day. Squeeze some lemon in for a ‘twist’.

2. Grab a few fresh fruits on your way out.

Fruits are great for their nutrients, vitamins and sugars that are required in our body. Make sure you have 2-3 fruits per day and keep your sugar levels balanced.

3. Rest your body

Sleep is so important, sleep between 6-8 hours at night and wake up feeling like a new person.

4. Avoid Alcohol

Excessive alcohol intake is not good for your body, it can cause weight gain and long term liver damage.

5. Exercise on the move

If you work in an office, get up every 30 minutes and go for a walk. If you have an office with stairs, run up and down the stairs every couple of hours. Get your blood flowing and your muscles moving.

6. Eat a handful of nuts in the afternoon

Get your favorite selection of nuts (almonds, cashews, pecans, walnuts, etc.) and raisins and have a big handful of them at around 3pm. This has been shown to increase afternoon energy and productivity.

7. Healthy Mind, healthy body….. Breathe

Be conscious of your breathing, life is so rushed and stressful we often forget to breathe properly. It doesn’t have to be an effort – at your desk, driving the car, cooking supper – do some deep breathing. Inhale and count up to 5 seconds, hold it for a few seconds, and release slowly. Exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide is one of the best things we can do for our blood and cells.

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Knowall IT is now a ZyXEL Solution Partner

Exciting announcement – Knowall IT Support London is now a ZyXEL Solution Partner for 2013. Fantastic achievement, well done Knowall IT for being leaders in IT Support  services of which include Hosted Exchange Migration as well as being Hosted Exchange 2010 Provider

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Corporate Energy Savings in the UK and Wales

Strong business ethics make RUMM stand apart from the rest as leaders in Energy Management Solutions. With Over 7 years in the market RUMM have proven their energy saving methodologies timer and time again having help client save over £8million and over 46,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

In a time where energy consumption is at a critical point this just shows the dedication and commitment of a strong team. Energy management UK and Energy management Wales has never been better with the help of RUMM.

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Marquee Hire have years of part planning experience

Marquee hire Sussex and Marquee hire Southampton

Marquee Hire conveniently provide Marquee Hire in several areas:Marquee Hire Kent, Marquee hire Hampshire, Marquee Hire EssexMarquee Hire East SussexMarquee Hire Bexhill and Marquee Hire Andover.

From weddings to parties or any function large or small, we pride ourselves in ensuring that it will be the best day of your life as we know how important the day is to you.


Choose from a huge selection of  marquee’s there is something to suit everyone’s needs.


Why not have a Chinese hat marquee for a small reception area? Or make the marquee individual with our huge range of coloured roof overlays, linings and swags? Black Starcloth over the dance floor?

The possibilities are endless. We can make the marquee as grand or as simple as you like. Contact us today and one of our advisors would be delighted to come and visit you with our portfolio to discuss your requirements.

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Protect your loves ones with a pre paid funeral plan

Plan your Funeral with Lodge Brothers

Plan your funeral with one of Lodge Brothers many funeral plan options and relieve your loved ones of the responsibility at a time when their grief and distress will be more than enough of a burden. In addition, because they are paid at today’s prices, funeral plans guarantee a fixed cost funeral service that will not be changed by future price increases or inflation.

Protect  your family and loved ones from any rising funeral costs by speaking to us today about pre-paid funeral plans.

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Spoil your family with your very own private cinema

Harmonized Systems the Home cinema installation and home cinema installers London

Sit down and sink into your own private luxury and enjoy the pleasure of a private projection at home in the best home cinema ever!  With loads of areas we cover in Home cinema installation Belsize Park, Home cinema installation Berkshire, Home cinema installation Buckinghamshire, Home cinema installation Chelsea, Home cinema installation City of London, Home cinema installation Essex, Home cinema installation Hampstead, Home cinema installation Hertfordshire, Home cinema installation St. John’s Wood, Home cinema installation Surrey and Home cinema installation Westend service is number one!

With easy technology designed to maximise your comfort and pleasure by allowing you through a single press on a remote control to dim down the lights, turn on the screen and sound system, adjust the room temperature if needs be, etc… so that your session can start immediately.

Home Cinema Installation

Our home cinema installation engineers are highly specialized in hi-tech and luxury home cinema installations & home cinema design where interior design is essential with the highest picture quality on the screen and accurate sound reproduction.

With the latest 3D screens, 3D projectors and Blu-Ray technology, home theatre visual experience is taken to a new level so the entire family can enjoy their favourite movies, series and sports.

Integrate a whole home automation system, so that when the room is not occupied, system can shut down, in order to save the energy consumption, keep your projector lamp life and other AV equipment life, but also to create easy and user friendly system.Click her for more information on Home Cinema and the areas conveniently located for our clients Home cinema installation Islington, Home cinema installation Kensington, Home cinema installation Kent, Home cinema installation Knightsbridge, Home cinema installation London, Home cinema installation Maida Vale, Home cinema installation Marylebone, Home cinema installation Mayfair, Home cinema installation Nothing Hill, Home cinema installation Sloane Square and Home cinema installation South Kensington

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Industrial Blower Services support many sectors in the UK and US

Fruitland RCF 250 Vacuum Pump is the smallest of our rotary vane vacuum pumps.  The 250LU series pump is primarily used on trucks servicing light septic and portable toilet applications.
Fruitland RCF 370 Vacuum Pump is a shorter version of the 500 series.  The 370 series pumps also use less oil than any other rotary vane pump in the industry.  Applications include those of the 500 series but the 370 utilizes less space.
Fruitland RCF 500 Vacuum Pump The 500 Series Vacuum Pump features a Heavy –Duty Lubrication System that is designed to allow over 16 operating hours per one gallon of oil.
Fruitland RCF 800 Vacuum Pump is a shorter version of the heavy duty RCF1200 vacuum pump and designates Left hand rotation, Upper diverter valve with a belt drive pulley.
Fruitland RCF 1200 Vacuum Pump is the most heavy duty of our rotary vane vacuum pumps and designates Left hand rotation, Upper diverter valve with a Hydraulic drive adapter plate. The 1200 series vacuum pump is used in environmental and heavy duty industrial applications.

Vacuum Pump Hire

IBS have liquid ring, rotary vane, side channel, claw and roots type vacuum pumps available to minimise our customers down time in the event of:

  • Emergency breakdown
  • Planned repair/maintenance
  • Short-term demand
  • Testing of new systems
  • Accidental damage

Industrial vacuum loader hire

At IBS Ltd we can offer you a comprehensive solutions for portable vacuum loader hire – wet and dry spillage and dust through the use of our extensive industrial vacuum loaders & industrial vacuum equipment.  We offer a simple and effective portable air conveying system for cleaning, recycling, collecting waste and spilt product.

Click on one of the following to find out more about the different  options on Portable Vacuum Loader hire:

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Don’t delay the inevitable, plan ahead!



Relieve your family from stress and anxiety

It’s hard enough to say goodbye without the added pressure of worrying about the deceased’s last wishes

Lighten the financial load on your family with Pre Paid Funerals

By covering all costs in advance you will have the peace of mind of knowing that your family won’t have to worry about how they will pay.

Costs are fixed and are based on today’s prices. It doesn’t matter how long in the future your funeral occurs it will cost no more than if it happened today.

Personalise your funeral, say “goodbye” your way

Throughout life we are defined by our personality, our actions and how we interact with those around us. Family Funerals Trust believes this should continue with your last act in this world. We encourage you to think about things now so that your life and personality shine through, at your final goodbye.

Click here for more information on our Pre Paid Funeral Plans UK and Pre paid funeral plans

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Do you need a Loft Extension? Let the experts do it for you!

South London Refurbishments specialise in all types of conversions, from conservatory extensions, (which can increase natural light in your home), rear extensions, for extra space or even garage conversions. It can open up a room in your home, transforming it into something completely different and maybe even a focal point for your home. Be it a Loft Extension or any conversion as South London Refurbishments – Builders South London can assist!

What we have been up to – Floor Sanding in South London

If you are lucky enough to have wooden floor boards at home, you might find yourself in need of our services. Your wooden floor boards might seem tough enough to withstand anything, but time, heavy traffic and the general wear and tear of a busy modern home will all take their toll on your floor. South London Refurbishments Ltd can restore any age, species or profile of wooden floor to give your living space a new lease of life.

We can help to ensure that any work we complete is carried out without damaging your home. This means that, once our work is done, all that will remain for you to do is sit back and enjoy your transformed floor boards. Just another reason why so many home owners choose to work with South London Refurbishments Ltd when they are looking to restore their wooden floor boards.

We provide services throughout South London and the following areas:  builders in Fulham, builders in South London,  builders in Walworth,  builders in Battersea and builders in Wimbledon

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Caster Semenya became SA’s nation flag bearer at the Olympic Games

South Africa competed at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, United Kingdom, from 27 July to 12 August 2012. This was the nation’s sixth consecutive appearance at the Olympics in the post-apartheid era. The South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee (SASCOC) sent a total of 125 athletes to the Games, 67 men and 58 women, to compete in 17 sports.

Notable South African athletes featured track stars Oscar Pistorius and Caster Semenya, who both became the nation’s greatest highlight to the Games. Pistorius, a four-time Paralympic champion, set South Africa’s historical record as the first double-leg amputee to compete at the Olympics. Semenya, a middle-distance runner and a world champion who had been subjected to gender testing in 2009, became the nation’s flag bearer at the opening ceremony.

For the first time in its history, South Africa had won Olympic medals in rowing and in sprint canoeing. The South African team also featured past Olympic medalists, including swimmer Roland Mark Schoeman, who won a full set of medals in Athens, and long jumper Godfrey Khotso Mokoena

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